The LMwL Tshirt Contest

LMwL Tshirt Anthony Martin of Ephrata, Pa., is the winner of a T-shirt design contest that commemorates the release of the 30th anniversary edition of Living More with Less and the creation of a website for the book.

Martin, 28, is a graphic designer and landscaper who plans to enroll at Dallas Theological Seminary in July to pursue a master's degree in theology. He graduated from Penn State University, where he majored in landscape contracting.

The winning design, topping a total of 23 entries, is built around the word "simplify." It will be imprinted on t-shirts that will be given away at a launch event for Living More with Less in Pittsburgh in July at the Mennonite Church USA convention. The event will be sponsored by MennoMedia, a new agency formed by the merger of Mennonite Publishing Network and Third Way Media.

"I knew a design about living simply should be simple," said Martin. "The circle just embodies the holistic mentality that goes along with living simply."

Martin attended a small Mennonite school where the teachers encouraged and modeled the idea of living simply and the three R's—reducing, recycling, and reusing. "I believe it is a part of our calling to be good stewards of the planet we've been given to live on," he said.

Martin currently works in his uncle's lawn care business. His sideline is—wouldn't you know—making "fun and clever" T-shirts. He calls his business Dead Parrot Press, which was inspired by a Monty Python comedy sketch.

A member of Hinkletown Mennonite Church, Martin enjoys teaching the youth Sunday school class one month per quarter. "I feel called to teach, in academia and/or in the church," he said. "I am passionate for my generation to develop a truly Christian worldview, where our faith informs every aspect of our lives."

The next contest related to Living More with Less is to create a video for YouTube on the theme of "how to do more with less" or sustainable/simpler living. Contestants should post their video and then send a link to by Sept. 1. All usable entries will be posted on the Living More with Less website and the entrants will receive Living More with Less T-shirts. The top two entries, as judged by staff, will receive a copy of the Living More with Less book and a $25 gift certificate for merchandise from MennoMedia.

Living More with Less can be ordered in the U.S. by calling 800-245-7894 or e-mailing In Canada the contact information is 800-631-6535 and The book is priced at $14.99 in the U.S. and $17.25 in Canada.

The website for Living More with Less is at

One of the newest items at the site is a video produced by film students at Eastern Mennonite University, under the direction of their instructor, Paulette Moore. They used a script written years ago by David Augsburger for the long-running and successful Choice radio spot series.